Creepers and Scams

Day 17 | $24,666 paid | $66,051 till freedom

The last thing I should be doing right now is writing a blog–I’m neck-deep in stuff to do, so much so that the girl I’ve been seeing for the past three weeks who I’m really into told me she doesn’t like being a “weekend friend.” Little does she know that if the landscaping business does what it’s supposed to do, it’ll be difficult to see her even on the weekends. Sadness… I tried to explain to her that my friends have invited me out every night this week, but I’ve turned them down every single time. She didn’t text back. I’m hoping to get out this weekend, but also not hoping to get out because that will mean that we don’t have any customers for the new xeriscaping biz. Catch-22.

Anyway, I’m writing tonight despite my limited bandwidth because I just had to share this. I joined because of the slightly ajar door I mentioned yesterday. I figure this site might help me get some spokesmodeling and/or trade show gigs, which actually pay fairly well. I’ve heard terrible  things about this site, but whatever–it’s worth a shot. Here’s the first message I got after joining that corroborates what I’ve heard:

Ok, thanks for the heads-up. But did that prepare me for the message I got later today? Helllll nooooo….Gladiators, anyone?

PASS! But let’s marinate on that for two seconds, can we? A free trip to San Diego and $2k …that’s 10 weekends of pedi-cabbing for a day of work. Okay,.

I did get a possibly legitimate message, though…might follow up on it.

And I was pleasantly shocked to see that the feature film was not actually a porn of any sort.

Bad news–the hiring manager went back to HR and a 6% raise is all I’m going to see. He went back and forth with them, but couldn’t budge the offer–he walked me through the reasons, but basically what it boiled down is that my new salary puts me in the middle of my pack of peers who have been in this pay grade that I’m just now entering for much longer than I have. In other words, I didn’t just squeak into the new pay grade near the bottom, but more like in the middle, which means I was at the top of my old pay grade and explains why the % increase is not significant. The reasoning sounded fine, and I was planning on accepting anyway–I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t leaving money on the table.  

I start ramping up in the job immediately while still doing my former job since my backfill has not yet been identified. My already-busy life just got busier. And with a 6% raise instead of 10%, the delta to my goal now stands at $10.9k.


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9 responses to “Creepers and Scams

  1. Mike

    Most of the “legitimate” paid work for males in this area is adult, particularly of the gay nature.

    One of my buddies (not gay) did work for such an outfit, and pay was as follows:
    $2000 one-time for a solo video.
    -or- $6000-8000 one-time for, ahem, far more.

    All of the options included first class round-trip air, a nice hotel stay, et cetera. All also included a $500 per month non-compete for a twelve month duration, which added $6000 to any of the above options.

    As you can imagine, he went for the $2000 option, with the mandatory non-compete. He received $8000 total.

    I can’t say I would recommend it, though!


  2. Cassie Olson

    Just a note about the girl…If she doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do that’s her problem. If she liked you enough, she would stick around and not complain. I know if I liked a guy enough and he was trying to do what you are trying to do I would love it. Even though it’s just been 3 weeks, she should be able to see how much this could change your potential life together. Even though it’s been so short there’s always the possibility of a future in any relationship and I would respect it.

  3. Zeona

    Why don’t you tell the girl about your plan. She should be cool and supportive. Maybe she will coming over for dinner instead of going somewhere expensive, or you guys could do picnic dates. If she’s going to try to stand in your way than she’s not worth. But she’s smart, she will see the big picture: after you’re debt free, you’ll be freed up to buy her sparkly things 🙂

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  5. Jodi

    If that girl really liked you she would have accepted your busy schedule. When I met my husband 4 years ago he had a crazy work hours. He still does have crazy work hours. Yet, I’ve found a way to work around his crazy hours. On the weekends he would come and visit me when we were dating. We both made it work. If someone really likes you they will make it work too. Good luck! Awesome blog! I’m going to keep reading your stories and I will show this site to my husband. Him and I own a condo but we wan to invest more into our future. Were hoping to generate more income and want to invest in more property. We both don’t have a whole lot of money either and I’m super frugal. Thanks for a great blog!!!

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