We Have Our First Landscaping Customer!

Day 47 | $31,450 paid | $59,267 till freedom

Great news! We landed our first customer! Seema has hired us to landscape her front yard for $1000 even. The price came to $1050, she asked for $50 off, and Michael gave it to her. It’s pretty amazing that our first quote turned into an actual job.

The final price came in higher than the original quote because Michael was able to upsell her on some limestone edging. Materials and trailer rental will come to $300, so we’ll net $700, or $350 each. Michael thinks we can do the job in only five hours, so we’ll make $70/hour. To put that in perspective, $50/hour is roughly what I make at my full-time job, assuming a 40-hour work week.

I got the news from Michael last night while I was at a supplier-sponsored event downtown. I had told him to call me if there were any developments on the Seema job, and I got his call at around 9 PM. The supplier had hooked up an open bar, the alcohol was flowing, the music was bumping, and Michael called me to tell me the good news. I had to find a quiet place in the bar, which was easier said than done, and when I finally could hear what he had to say, I literally got misty-eyed.

It might have just been the alcohol that brought on the wave of emotion, but I think it was primarily due to a feeling of “freaking finally.” Just thinking about all the misses along the way–unanswered cover letters written for jobs I was over-qualified for, the pedi-cabbing failure, SAT prep tutoring, porn solicitations while looking for an honest spokesperson gig–and then hitting this job…it was a very powerful moment.

The job is tomorrow.

More Customers Already?
Michael also mentioned during our call that another person had called his wife’s phone (our “receptionist”) requesting a quote. I’m giving Michael a break and taking on the sales role for this job. When I called the potential customer, Kristina, she told me she had found out about us from a flyer she saw in her neighborhood. So maybe the flyers weren’t a complete waste of time and money after all.

We’re going to quote her tomorrow after the landscaping job.

A reader has also requested a quote from us. On the one hand, I’m very excited about the opportunity, but on the other hand, I want to remain anonymous, so I’m not exactly sure how to approach this. Money vs. anonymity…it’s a worthy face-off.

It’s 10:15 right now. I just got back from The Park @ The Domain where I was catching up with friends and winding down after a long week of work. It was about 80 degrees outside, perfect weather for enjoying a Sprite with flask vodka out on the patio with buds. I had to bail out early so I could come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. My friends are still there, drinking and having a good time while I type this up. It wasn’t easy to say goodnight, but unlike them, I have work tomorrow.


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4 responses to “We Have Our First Landscaping Customer!

  1. Hristo

    Congratulations! I’ve been following your posts since the very beginning, it’s amazing to see the ups and downs!

  2. Barbara

    wow……..THAT IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! Your perseverance is paying off along with the positive attitude!!! WAY TO GO!!

  3. Ron

    Glad to see you’re taking advantage of the ‘supplier-sponsored event’ or OPEN BAR! Haha, in all seriousness, it is great networking.

    Another quick tip: Make a press release and send it to all the local papers. That’s how we got some early interest in our business. The ‘Green’ angle is big in the media right now. For us, the fact that we run buses on compressed natural gas (CNG) was a great point of interest to get us mentioned in the local papers. I imagine xeriscaping would be similar.

    Just do a little research on how to issue press releases and write up a story that is easy for local media to pick up.

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