Cost of a Helluva Good Weekend: $38

On Saturday, I hit the gym and worked on legs for a couple of hours. It was brutal and my legs are still sore, but I left the gym on a runner’s high. My gym membership at Gold’s is $325 for a year, so that work-out cost less than a $1.

On Saturday night, I met up with a group of friends at my buddy’s house to watch the Pacquiao-Bradley debacle. (What the %($# were the judges thinking??) $10 to my buddy for the PPV fight and $6 for the six-pack I brought over and shared. It was an awesome fight to watch, and althought definitely dejected by the judges’ blindness/corruption, we hung out for an hour afterwards just kicking it and having some solid conversation.

On this Sunday afternoon, I hit up Barton Springs with the fellas ($3 admission) and enjoyed the beautiful weather in this early Austin summer. We got in some swimming and chilled out. Unfortunately, my buddy did not get that girl’s number.

After a couple of hours at Barton Springs, we picked up some delicious burgers at P. Terry’s ($10), then hit up Kasbah and smoked a Blue Mist hookah outside on the deck ($5) and enjoyed a couple of beers ($3) and weather ($0) at this BYOB establishment. A couple of lines from Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell’s “Lazy Sunday” played in my head at some point during the day.

All in, I spent $38 for a very relaxing, very memorable weekend.

Key ingredients for a good weekend: Awesome work-out, great friends, beautiful weather, delicious food, flavored tobacco, and cold beer.

My budget now allows me to spend more than this on entertainment, but when the key ingredients are that simple, what’s the point?

What a killer weekend! Is the work-week here already??


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27 responses to “Cost of a Helluva Good Weekend: $38

  1. Sounds like that’s all you need to spend for a great weekend – great experiences with friends.

    As Dunn, Gilbert & Wilson writes in the Journal of Consumer Psychology… If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it right!

    Read the paper here – (PDF)

    • INCREDIBLY rich article…thanks for sharing that. My favorite part: “homebuyers find their once beloved Brazilian cherry floors quickly become nothing more than the unnoticed ground beneath their feet. In contrast, their memory of seeing a baby cheetah at dawn on an African safari continues to provide delight.”

  2. Hunter

    I am glad that you are still focusing on things that really matters: Good times with good friends!

  3. I spent $100 on food for camping.. and then someone stole my iPhone, so that makes it the most expensive epic weekend ever.


    • Ugh, that completely sucks 😦 I’m sorry to hear that. Did you have insurance coverage on it? Do they even privide coverage for stolen phones, or just damaged ones? Boooo…

  4. Dee

    I’ll actually be in Austin this weekend and cannot wait to check out Barton Springs.

  5. Sarah

    I take a few weeks off from reading your blog and now you’re a household name?! I don’t even believe it anymore that this blog started as a joke.

    What’s next for you? A book? (If so I have the perfect title, “People inspiring people, it’s beautiful stuff” I won’t charge you for that 🙂 Or maybe you will go on a speaking tour? I was surprised your name wasn’t on the list for speakers at FinCon2012:

    I live in Austin again, maybe if I see you around town I will say hello if I’m not too nervous. :/

    Hope you enjoyed the ROT rally this past weekend and weren’t sad about selling your bike.

    P.S. I realize you are entirely out of my league, but my heart did sink a bit in the radio interview when you mentioned some girl you’re dating but I did love it that you called Austin the best city in the world!

    • Sarah! I was wondering where the heck you were. You better say hello to me, or else I’ll be mad. I’m not sure what’s next yet…TBD. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Sarah! You better stop and say hello to him if you see him! And we’ll be expecting to see a picture of you 2 as well. Nobody is out of your league honey, that’s a wall YOU put up around yourself. So take that wall down, please! 🙂

  6. Cyndi

    Congrats on your huge accomplishment! One thing I noticed as I read your entire blog (in one night) is that you always kept your workouts up. I think that was one of the major reasons you were able to keep going. Working out is a way to release so much stress. It also makes you feel pretty invincible, something you needed to feel to do this.

  7. Gary

    I appreciate the complete transperancy on the finances and the tactical transperancy on the personal life. As much as I love the grit and determination it must have taken to pay off that debt, I found myself wondering why I like reading your entries so much. Simply put, it is the honesty. In today’s everyday hustle, it is refreshing.

  8. Joseph Ruiz

    Congrats on your monumental accomplishment! It’s truly amazing how much resistance there is to eliminating student loan debt. I went to Vanderbilt and then a private law school. I graduated at 25 with $135,000 in student loan debt and virtually zero knowledge about personal finances. For years I made the minimum payments, then bought into Dave Ramsey’s rantings. I didn’t want to finish with my loans in 2034 at the age of 55! I recently got my tab down to $61,000. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but, at the same time, it feels like I’ve been running a marathan for 3 years. Thanks to stumbling across your blog, though, I’ve found my second wind and know that I will get this done really soon. Thanks for being an inspiration and I hope to see future posts about the value of your newfound freedom!

  9. This blog is amazing. I read all the posts over the last 2 days after seeing a link in one of MMM’s blogs. Are you going to do some of the “traditionally financially responsible” things now – namely, contribute the maximum (not just the match) to your 401K? I think with your salary you’re not eligible for a Roth but maybe a traditional IRA if I remember right? Another traditionally solid plan would be to beef your “screw you” fund back up to six months’ worth (of expenses, not salary). Or (as you mentioned in one of your posts), refinance your house into a 15-year mortgage now that you’re not cash-poor anymore.

    Given your personality, it also seems like you’d get a kick out of ING or SmartyPig-type sites that let you identify goals and save for them in subaccounts. You could even call one “livin’ it up like in the old days” and use it for bach parties, nights on the town and such. I am also curious how your dating mentality will change now that you’re “loaded” again, ha. You were considering EHarmony before starting this debt reduction journey, and that may be your best bet now since they screen for values. Though who can say what works, I met my husband on MySpace!

    • I have 5% going to my 401k to take advantage of the match while I work to save up about eight months of living expenses. Once I get there, I’ll figure out next steps–financially and otherwise. I have about three right now. eHarmony, MySpace, OKCupid, it’s all deadly (in a good way)…that said, trying something a little different right now, and very excited about hte direction it’s heading in 🙂

  10. Ellen

    Saw your pics on modelmayhem. Can’t believe the male modeling thing didn’t work out for you. Do you not know how to turn left?

    • Claire

      Hahaha. I saw them too. On the one hand it was slightly douchey that you set your MM profile to public the same day your name went public so chicks would hit on you. On the other hand, I loved the pic of you kissing your bicep on the boat.

      Since you’re single how about setting that back to public?

      • False. My MM profile had been public for months leading up to my name going public. I set it to private a couple of days after the Fortune article ran, then took it down altogether a couple of days after that. I don’t have any current plans to recreate a profile, but I’m curious—why would you want it set to public?

  11. Vincent

    Hey, just wanted to say I recently came across your blog and wanted to say keep up the good work. I’m an admitted b school student (UNC-CH Kenan-Flagler) and it’s awesome hearing your post mba and personal perspective on this journey.

  12. Hey, your blog is great. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been living the high road, going out to NYC, spending hundreds of dollars a night, getting bottle service, etc. But you’ve inspired me to kind of take a “break” from it and just focus on paying off my student loans. I’m currently on a 10 year plan, but I want to get this down to a 3 year plan. I’ll follow your blog to help keep me on track. Great stuff.

    Btw, I remember when your blog first appeared on the front page of Yahoo. I think about 90% of the comments were all negative and I never realized there were so many haters. But honestly, screw them because I don’t think they actually analyzed the trade-offs. I think with the 7 months of sacrifice (cashing in on your stocks, 401k, IRA) was all worth it because you can finally sleep debt free. Plus, all the interest you would have generated from your student loans would have almost balanced out the interest you might have generated from your stocks/investments.

  13. Sarah

    Do you and your friends ever go to RR Express games? That would be a fun, and possibly free outing since you work at Dell. I think that would be a fun date as well.

    • I’ve been there once with a supplier–SUCH a cool spot! I never thought of it as a date spot, but why not, right? That’s a really great idea. I’ll have to check out prices w/ the employee discount. Thanks 🙂

  14. Ben

    Joe, are you going to write a book? How many book offers do you have already?

  15. Do you even recognize the guy who used to spend $1,000+ a month on entertainment? Congrats on all the progress you’ve made and thanks for sharing.

  16. lisidy

    Do you even recognize the guy who used to spend $1,000+ on entertainment each month? Congrats on all you’ve accomplished and thanks for sharing.

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