NMHD eBook Now Available

After receiving yet another email request to make my blog available as an ebook, I’ve finally taken the time to self-publish it on Amazon.com for the Kindle platform.

It’s available here.

This is a direct blog-to-ebook conversion of the popular No More Harvard Debt blog found at nomoreharvarddebt.com and featured on CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, The Dave Ramsey Show, and countless other media outlets. This book chronicles a Harvard graduate’s self-imposed mission to seek financial freedom by paying down his oppressive $90k of student debt in ten months instead of 15 years. With a mortgage, two cars, a motorcycle, and monthly entertainment expenses of $1,300, he doesn’t have the slightest clue how he’ll maintain his standard of living and pay off his student loans early with an after-tax salary of $74k, but he’s willing to give it a shot and share the adventure with readers along the way.

I’ve edited, revised, and reformatted all 440 pages to flow as a book. There’s no new content per se, so purchase the book only if you value the Kindle reading experience versus the internet at or above the $3 list price.

I’ve made the book available as part of Kindle Direct Publishing Select program which makes it free to Amazon Prime members. Alternatively, if the $3 cost represents a hardship for you, then please email me at nomoreharvarddebt@gmail.com and we can work something out. I extend the same offer to dedicated followers/commentors/encouragers–you know who you are!

Please leave feedback on Amazon if you purchase the book. I hope you enjoy it!


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24 responses to “NMHD eBook Now Available

  1. Barbara


  2. Tech-fu

    I think this is a really good idea. If you get any significant quantity of sales, I think your story would really benefit from some additional background and commentary. The book format gives you a chance to share advice, 20/20 hindsight, and resources that you have found after the fact in a post script for each post/chapter. Keeping the tone of the blog is super important, but adding to the story a bit and sharing some of that Harvard trained brain power would be a real boon I think. Regardless, kudos for using the awesome Amazon self publish and I hope you sell a bunch. 🙂

  3. Awesome! I hope you sell enough of these books to pay off your house! That would be great!

    • Sarah

      I hope you sell lots of copies too but instead of putting the money towards your mortgage or savings, I think you should do something charitable. Remember back when you were sitting in that classroom at Ross during the rowing reunion and you regretted not having done anything humanitarian? Now might be the your opportunity to remedy that. It doesn’t have to be something big; it could be something small like putting all the money in a tip jar next time you go bar hopping.

  4. Nahhh…if you’re going to do any kind of charity then you should go big. After all, you’ll be selling tons of ebooks. Enough to send somebody to Harvard. 🙂
    The scholarship could be called the…”NMHD Scholarship”
    There’s lots you can do when you sell that ton of ebooks.
    Watch the “Secret Millionaire” on Hulu. Great ideas on that show.
    Or pay off your mortgage and be completely debt free.

    • Y’all are hilarious!!!!! 🙂 Let’s just see how the book does first, shall we? Haha 🙂 Trying to figure out where “all the money” goes would be an awesome problem to have…

      • Sarah

        Scratch my idea, I like IONM’s scholarship idea better since you yourself received a scholarship to go to HBS. Anyways, I realize it’s not our business what you do with the money. Goodluck and I bet you’ll sell millions of copies. 🙂 Don’t forget I was correct in predicting your bonus back in March.

  5. Bill

    Congratulations! Pretty neat that you published this by committing some time and a little money… just another encouragement for people to see what you can do if you try… I like how you are helping people to think beyond where they are, just with what you have done. Mainly financially, but it overflows into everyday choices, values, how we view things, and then a willingness to try and even fail. To me, the most awesome thing is impact all of this had had in the lives of everyday people. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Bill! I never, ever saw it going this far, but I’m glad that it did.

      Side-note: I was pretty frugal and did all the self-publishing myself–no editor or cover artist–so my dollar cost to publish was $0. My only “cost” was my free-time. It took 25 hours to do the conversion (edit/revise/re-format), so if I value my free-time at $20/hr, it cost $500 to create the ebook. I guess you could also say that the blog had a cost, too…of the 100 posts in the blog/book, each one took about 2 hours to write, so that’s another $4k that I “spent.”

  6. Barbara

    I’m so very proud of you, Joe!!

  7. Congrats, Joe! I left a comment but it didn’t show up. Just wanted to say how glad I am to see you did this. I know it wasn’t easy to do.

    I’ll shout wherever I can. If you need help trying to distribute to other venues, let me know.


  8. Kristi

    Awhh, this is adorable 🙂

  9. Malika

    I’m happy to see that you haven’s given up on your blog, as I had a lot of articles to catch up on. I wonder though….How do you feel about not being anonymous anymore? Your name is everywhere!

    • I kind of hate it, to be honest. It was novel at first, but that quickly wore off and now I find myself having to fight the self-censure whenever I write a post. I’m getting better, but it still takes an effort to be candid and transparent these days.

      • Alan

        If you hate it so much you could always set your Facebook to private and it seems kind of weird that you started a twitter the day your show aired considering you said you just couldn’t get into twitter when you were tweeting as nomoharvarddebt. You could also set your LInkedin to private. And not mention what gym you go to.

        • So if I set my Facebook and LinkedIn to private, the multitude of articles mentioning my name will automatically go away and NMHD will once again become anonymous? I don’t follow your logic here. http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2012/05/16/student-debt-business-school/

          • Alan

            No they won’t go away, you’re right but people might not think you deserve a right to privacy anymore since you’re on a dating show and lots of info like where you work/work out is public. It’s like “this guy doesn’t care about his own privacy, so why should we.” Lets talk to him at the gym, oh that’s his S2K in the parking lot…he’s here! You started this blog as the “average Joe” but now you’re “internet celebrity Joe” and some people might think you’ve given up that right to privacy.

            tldr: Basically you’re somewhat of a public figure now so maybe you should set some of your social media to private. Unless you love the attention then keep doing what you’re doing.

            Why did you feel the need to link that article? I read it when it came out.

            • I think you understood where my “hate” is being directed. That’s actually way too strong of a word to use, so I’ll change it up. I actually like it when people friend me on FB/LinkedIn and say hello to me at the gym. Those aren’t private places to begin with, so my privacy isn’t being violated. What I dislike is having to be less open on this blog because people now know who I am. I’m a private person when it comes to certain topis and the depth I’ll go to on other topics, and now that the mask is off, I’m not willing to talk about certain topics or go to certain depths.

              The link to the article goes back to our original misunderstanding–I wasn’t sure if you realized that my setting FB to private wouldn’t change the fact that everybody knows who writes this blog because of articles like the one I linked to. But the blog anonymity wasn’t what you were referring to by my privacy, it was people approaching me in public and on social media, which, again, I don’t mind at all.

  10. Congratulations Joe and best of luck. Hope it all goes well!

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